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Comprehensive Guardian Plan in Boulder

We are irrevocable trust attorneys; that provide a comprehensive guardian plan in Boulder to help parents secure their children will grow protected.

WHY? Our Guardianship Package provides parents with peace of mind in case the unexpected occurs, as it helps to ensure their child(ren) will be properly taken care of by the people they choose, and in the manner they want.

WHAT?  A comprehensive Guardianship Plan includes both a standard guardianship plan, an emergency guardianship plan, and a short-term guardianship plan.

Standard Guardianship Plan:

This is an important, customized legal document that outlines whom you want — and whom you don’t wish to – to have guardianship rights over your child(ren) if you ever become unable to care for them or if you are no longer around.  This plan also provides documents where you can highlight important information that you want your guardian(s) to know about your child(aren) and your wishes regarding how you want your child(ren) to raise (e.g., family traditions, religious preferences, education preferences).

Emergency Guardianship Plan:

This includes documents that outline people living nearby, to whom you give your minor child(ren), if you are incapacitated or unable to care for them in an emergency.  This plan will help ensure that your child(ren) never go into Child Protective Services, or into the hands of a family member, you do not trust.

Short-term Guardianship Plan:

This is a legal document that outlines certain people who can have temporary care of your minor child(ren) and medical decision making power over your child(aren) for a specific period (e.g., when you are on vacation).  Therefore, if a medical emergency occurs while you are away, your guardian(s) will have no problem providing your child(aren) with the necessary medical treatment they need.

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